Tarheel Labradoodles

Located in the foothill of  North Carolina, as the newest breeders of Multi-Generational Austraila Labradoodles, we are committed to excellence. We are specializing in small and medium labradoodles. 


 My husband and I began our search for the perfect companion for our family 8 years ago as our three children, who now range from 15 years of age to 10years of age, began a protest within our home for a dog.  We believed this too was the right time to enter into what we believe is an enjoyable but also highly responsible and committed experience.  With one of our children having asthma and another with extreme allergies, we researched what dog would be best suited for our family.  After much research we decided the Labradoodle would provide us with the love, cuddles, obedience, and loyalty we were looking for along with the characteristics of a non-shedding coat needed for medical reasons.  WE FOUND THE PERFECT DOG...her name was Paisley!!!! 
Paisely became one of the family.  She went on weekend long camping trips in our RV and made her place in our house quite easily.  We soon began to believe Paisley needed her own partner in the home and began research on the possibility of buying another Labradoodle but with the potential to become breeders of this beautiful breed. 
We understood how to be great dog owners but this was a new venture for our family.  We talked with many breeders and felt we found the best girl for us.....enter PEGGY (bought from Spring Creek Labradoodle in Oregon)!!!  WOW, what a girl!  She is drop dead beautiful with her apricot coat and stunning green eyes!  She is the perfect family dog and is full of cuddles and kisses.  She wants to be as close to you as she can and is a very loyal member of the family.  WE LUCKED OUT!  After all her health clearances, which all came back exceptional, we began this new venture.  The program is growing and we now have one of Peggy's offspring, Tarheel's Zoe, DownUnder's Diva Delilah, Penny, and our new girls, Foxy Roxy, Cherry, and Luna as a future breeder as well. PLEASE CHECK OUT "About Our Dogs" page.
As breeders we strive to uphold the highest integrity of the breed and ALAA regulations.  Please feel free to call us/email with any questions and we will work diligently in trying to find you the perfect fit for your family as we have found for ours!!
We are true lovers of the labradoodle breed!!
Evan Flury
North Carolina Labradoodle Breeder- Tarheel Labradoodles
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