Tarheel Labradoodles

Located in the foothill of  North Carolina, as the newest breeders of Multi-Generational Austraila Labradoodles, we are committed to excellence. We are specializing in small and medium labradoodles. 



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If interested in one of our Tarheel Labradoodles, complete the above application.  Email or request mailing address to mail the application along with a $500 non-refundable deposit (will be applied to full payment).

**PLEASE take into consideration the price reflects that of a"Genuine Australian Labradoodle."  
We are NOT a backyard breeder and perform extensive testing on any of our breeding potential dogs.  
Please be aware as you are looking for a breeder that they are members or affiliated with a reputable breeding association. Each of our breeding dogs have testing on hips/elbows and eyes to ensure you are purchasing a healthy Australian Labradoodle.**  

*The adoption price for a Tarheel Labradoodle Multi-Generational labradoodle is $3000!* (AS OF MARCH, 2019)

A non-refundable
 deposit of $500 is required to reserve a pet puppy with the balance due at 6 weeks of age (Payment policy below).

There are times a family request for their puppy to stay additional days due to family's schedule.  If the puppy does need to stay after pick-up date, a $25 per day charge will apply. 


Inquire about PayPal payments


$500 due at time of successful breeding or if after breeding within 3 days of submitting application.

$600 due at 2 weeks of age

$600 due at 4 weeks of age

$1300 (remaining balance) due at 6 weeks of age

The purchase price includes: 
 Vet Examination 
    All age appropriate shots and health records 
    Contract with 2 year health guarantee 
    Registration with Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) 
    A baby blanket and familiar toy 
    Socialization of your puppy with other dogs and small children 

Sequence of events awaiting your Tarheel Labradoodle:

1.  Families on the waiting list will be notified at the time the liter is born.  Details about the litter and pictures will be provided.

2.  At 6 weeks of age, we will determine which puppy will go to your family based on your needs and requirements. TheHealth Warranty/Contract will need to be completed and mailed/emailed prior to 6 weeks of age and payment of full deposit.

3.  At 6 weeks of age, your puppy will have necessary vaccinations and microchip will be inserted

4.  Final payment (read the payment policy above) is required at 6 weeks of age

5.  At 8 weeks of age, your new labradoodle puppy will be coming home to live in their "forever home."  ALAA paperwork will be mailed to you and you will need to become a member to transfer your the registration papers in your name.

Extra charges may apply for delivery and will vary depending on location and cost of travel. 

Thank you for visiting Tarheel Labradoodles in North Carolina!!

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