Tarheel Labradoodles

Located in the foothill of  North Carolina, as the newest breeders of Multi-Generational Austraila Labradoodles, we are committed to excellence. We are specializing in small and medium labradoodles. 

Available Puppies

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My reservation list often are filled prior to delivery.  To ensure you get exactly what you are looking for, I suggest submitting application as soon as you make a decision you would like a Tarheel Labradoodle. Contact us for more details.  We are a premier labradoodle breeder.  Families come from North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Maryland, DC, New Jersey, New York, Texas, and Colorado to find their four-legged best friends from Tarheel Labradoodles.

Harper Lee and Harbin (Southern Charm's)

Harper Lee is a beautiful, sleek black labradoodle with a sweet, gentle disposition.  Harbin is just as sweet and has a stunning red coat.
Harper is confirmed pregnant via ultrasound!
 Puppies will be due June 22 and ready for their forever homes August 18th.  We expect caramels, chocolates, and blacks.  We expect the puppies to mature to be between 30-40lbs.

This list is currently CLOSED!


Luna and Moose (Lewis Manor)

This will be Luna's retirement litter and we are excited to use Moose for her final breeding.  Luna has a beautiful, rich caramel coat.  Moose is a laid back guy with a stunning chocolate coat.  We expect the pairing to "honeymoon" to breed the end of May/beginning of June.  If all goes to plan, Luna will deliver the beginning of August with puppies ready for their forever homes the end of September.  Puppies will mature to around 30-40lbs.  We expect caramels and chocolates.

Contact us if you are interested in this litter!

Luna and Moose


Frenchie X Trace

Frenchie and Trace gave us 11 beautiful, confident, and intelligent caramel and chocolate puppies last pairing.  I can not wait for another round of these special pups.  This is also Frenchie's retirement litter.  We expect puppies to range from 40-55lbs.  Frenchie and Trace should "honeymoon" by mid-July for a mid-September delivery.  Puppies will be ready in November for their forever homes.
This litter will sell out quickly!
Contact us now to be placed on this list.


Frenchie (with her last litter with Trace) and Trace (Southern Charm)


Coco Chanel X Dozer

Coco is a new mom and we are excited to add her to our program.  She is from my Diva Delilah line!  Coco is currently in heat and we expect her and Dozer to "honeymoon" the end of July.  If all goest to plan we expect puppies the end of September.  Puppies will be ready in November for their forever homes.  Puppies will mature to 25-35lbs.  We expect Chocolates and Apricots.

Contact us if interested in this litter.


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