Tarheel Labradoodles

Located in the foothill of  North Carolina, as the newest breeders of Multi-Generational Austraila Labradoodles, we are committed to excellence. We are specializing in small and medium labradoodles. 

Guardian Home

As a responsible breeder we feel we must  use Guardian homes to ensure each of our breeders in our program receives their own family and fair share of love and companionship!

Part of a Family
To ensure each of our dogs are well taken care of, live the life every dog deserves, and our program is never associated with being a kennel, we are in need of loving families for our Guardian program.
Through the Guardian program our  breeding dogs (those not living in our home) get to live with a family that will spoil them while also being part of our Tarheel Labradoodles! The Guardian home is the puppy/dog's forever home. They live with this family at all times while Tarheel Labradoodles reserves breeding rights.
The Guardian family is responsible for regular dog care such as food, grooming, and regular vet checks, however, Tarheel Labradoodle is financially responsible for any breeding related vet visits. 
As well, Guardian families receive a very reasonable discount off the regular price of a puppy/dog. 

The Guardian home must be within one hour distance of Statesville, NC.  IF you are interested and live farther than 1 hour away from our home, you will be required to transport the dog to us or meet us half way.  
You must have a fenced in yard, reliable references, past experience with dog ownership. If interested, please contact me (evan_flury@yahoo.com or 704-929-9735) in regards to further details and contract.

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